Not a traditional Bank. Better. Your money anytime, anywhere

"We simplify your financial management so you can sample your business."
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Open a EURO account
in minutes!

No credit history check is required. The speed in opening an online mobile account and the easy registration process will allow you to be up and running in a few minutes.

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Speed and efficiency. Open your account with a few clicks from your computer or smartphone

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In our website you will find an overview of the account and the list of cards connected to the account itself

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Don't remember when you made your previous payment? Check the transaction list in one click

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Set limits on the use of the onTOP account

onTOP Business

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onTOP is the online IBAN account
dedicated to companies and professionals

Designed to simplify their daily financial life, payments and accounting, in addition to or in place of your traditional bank

  • Order your business Mastercard® Card
  • Get your private business IBAN
  • Online support will help you with anything

onTOP Personal

Open a full online account using your phone
in minutes.

Have a valid ID at hand, sign up and order your black Mastercard®

  • Add, send and receive money with onTOP
  • No credit checks
  • Pay with your Black Mastercard
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Parlano di noi

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onTOP has two types of account:

Personal and Business
which one do you want to try?